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Antique Flooring

At Tricklebank we have been salvaging building materials for over twenty years from mills, farms, offices, schools, hospitals and country houses to name but a few and we have rescued just about everything that can be saved at one time or another taking the items into storage and then either offering them for sale to the general public or we have used the materials on our own building and development projects.

We have though over the past five years concentrated on reclaimed flooring. “Wood , Stone and Tile” we keep a stock of materials at our yard prepared for sale and re use. We can supply only to just about anywhere in the world and we can supply and fit to just about anywhere in the UK and Europe depending on the size of the project.

By integrating reclaimed materials into your project whether it be a restoration, conversion or a new build not only are you re-using perfectly good items that otherwise may well have gone into landfill but you bring character and history into your home that is unique will last for generations to come.

As our stock is constantly changing if you see something you like on our website then I would suggest calling the office immediately as in many cases the term “when it’s gone it’s gone” certainly applies, we will however post certain items and when they are coming into stock to give our customers the opportunity to reserve or pre book materials that they may be looking for.

We are proud to be members of SALVO the Architectural Salvage Association.

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